As life goes back to routine once again

Well, we will all be starting our second week of school in just a few days. We have reentered the routine of classes and eating at certain times and what not.

We are also in contact with our friends every day. With out friends comes drama, whether it is between us or them and another of their friends. Drama and stress are things you simply can’t avoid.

Recently I read an article about how you present yourself in front of others. I thought it might be a good idea to just write a little something about that. Often, people will have the attitude that it doesn’t matter what other people think, only what you think. There are numerous reasons why that is not true. If you don’t conduct yourself in a certain way, then certain people wont like you. What if those people can open up doors for you that you never would have been able to open yourself? Usually, being a nice person, being responsible person, being a respectful person, and being an active member of your community is all it takes to get the majority of people to like you. There is no rule saying that just because you are a certain age you have to want to party and have tons of dates and rebel against the world. People who do that normally learn later on in life that just being a generally good person is all it takes.

So, if that is any help to you then cool.

Thanks for reading=)


As we near the end of the school year.

Well, honestly I am not that certain about what I should write. Most of the seniors are dying to get out and be done, but I almost wish they wouldn’t be leaving. A lot of my friends are seniors, and I regret not spending as much time with them as I would have liked. I also know that I probably wont see many of them for the rest of my life, which is very very sad.

Also, I still have a C in anatomy and I really want more time to you know…. raise it to at least a B….I really do not want to have a C on my report card….my summer break will not be very fun with my ma nagging me and making me feel worse about it…

So yeah.

I am excited for the summer in some ways. I will be able to stay in shape through the pool and a wheelbarrow and shovel (the arena I want…actually need if I ever plan to get anywhere with my horses) Is not going to make itself. At least I wont lose as much of the nice muscles a year of weight lifting has given me (yeah I can squat 150 and thats pretty damn good and I want to be able to lift so much for a long time).

So yeah…. Again not sure what to put here…

Alrighty world

Pima County fair, 2012

Well, as you may (or may not) know, I compete in the pima county fair every year through my 4h group. I wanted to just let you guys know how that went for me.

Thursday: Ranch sorting (Chasing cows)

For fair I placed third. For “Bob’s buckle” ( a buckle we spend an entire year competing for and by we I mean me and whoever i run with that day because my partner cant possibly show up to more than a third of the competitions) I got the buckle and will wear it to school tomorrow.


Friday: English day. (Google English riding if you don’t know what it is)

In my first two classes I did not place. My last of three classes (and my first time entering this class) I placed fourth.


Saturday: Western day (Again, google if you are confused=))

Mt first class I didn’t place (there were 18 kids in all my classes this day). Second class: Pleasure, 4th. Reining: 2nd. Western Riding: 5th. trail: 1st and I got a 15$ check from winning first.

So yeah, I am not competing sunday (My horse is a little horse and last night was like falling over she was so tired, plus she was coughing from the dust.


Oh, I never place in anything….ever (And I am not just saying that I really don’t ever place in anything).

Something Randomly Useful in a Weird Way

This is what you title a post with which you have no idea what to put in it. Usually my posts are all useful, at least to me, and sooo this is a strange one for me.


Oh how about we talk about the Pima County Fair (seeing how it is really xmas in disguise).

The fair is going to run from Thursday, April 19th, to Sunday, April 29th. Once I get information on all of the concerts showing, I will post that up here along with the times and what not. I am fairly certain Middle Class Rut is playing on the first friday, but again I am not sure.

From the 19th to the 22nd the horse barns in the back of the fair grounds will be decorated (And I know this because my 4h club has one of the aisles along with like 13 horses coming in. I would suggest if you want to go look at the barns you do so. Once you find the barn with ACTUAL wood used in the decorations and an old west town with two weirdo’s in a jail (My brother and freshman for next year) and the part called “Livery” where all the horses are, you have found my group. I will take pics though and try to post them up for y’alls.

Oh, and if you are looking for me on any of these days, I will be at the fair grounds from like 5 AM to 9 PM…….

On friday I am riding rides. Wristband nights are the tuesdays and thursdays. No passes that you get from frys will work on the weekends. Oh, ON sunday the 29th there will be a kick butt dance group preforming. I will get the times from Brianna and tell you when they are dancing.

Enjoy All

~Empress Mia Maron~

For when you are in trouble for making a “bad decision”

Use this lovely scientific article to prove to whoever is angry with you that there is really no reason to be angry with you


this is something we had to read in my Anatomy class for homework, but I felt like it could really come in handy. So the next time you get in a car crash or walk into a tree or decide feeding your little sibling a peanut butter and tuna sandwich is a good idea and you get in trouble for it, show your parents the article and say it’s science’s fault not mine. If I could make my brain mature I would, but I am just not able to think how you do.

Or if that will piss off your parents just say oh sorry that was a bad idea now that I think of it. ….

I would hate to be giving bad advice haha

Oh well

Have fun y’alls=)


Spring break

Normally, spring break is the break EVERYONE loves because it’s starting to warm up and ‘spring fling’. For me, this spring break has been pretty eye opening. I am learning who I can and cannot trust and also the value of well life I suppose. After working every night from 5 to 9 bussing tables, filling waters, and seating customers I have learned the value of working hard and how even a job such as cleaning tables is best done with a smile, a kind word, and everything you can put into it.

I have also learned that people may not be what they seem. Sometimes, those you considered friends will turn on you and start spreading rumors about you when you really haven’t done anything bad to them. They might even turn your other friends against you and cause them to lie about it. So yeah, that was the downside of my break.

Another thing is I started watching this really good tv series called ‘The secret life of the american teenager’. The reason why it is really good is because it makes me think. It made me think about how everything in my life really is, and I will admit I am thankful rather than depressed or sad. Even with a few people turning on me, I still have lots of other friends, and friends I have never met yet. And nobody can take away my family or my horses or all of the cute old ladies at work who tell me I’m pretty or even the cranky ones who complain because they think the ice in their water melts faster than everyone else’s. So yeah. All I have to say to the lovely peoples who dislike me is go ahead and dislike me for whatever reasons you can come up with. I am satisfied with who I am, and I love my current life. Even if you got everyone who you think is my friend to hate me (I have a lot of friends so that would be hard), I will still have my family, and my horses, and the friends you don’t know.

So thanks for reading this I suppose. I feel like this is a bit uncharacteristic of me to write, but I have also only slept like 4 hours every night during break.

So how did your break go people (by people I mean like Danny and Alex because I think you are the only guys who read this blog. Oh and I think Sydney does to=D ) I’d love to hear any crazy stories you have


~*Empress Mia Maron*~

Oh one last thing. the move Case 39…… scary scary scary….watched it twice over break once with Trinity and once with my brother. Both times I was hiding under a pillow from the scary movie=P


Another reason to hate valentines

Well, as some of you know I HATE valentines day with a burning passion, now I only have all the more reason. Well, it is currently the day before valentines as I angrily pound at my computer keys wishing my mother actually cared about her kids other than my brother.

My mom grounded me from phone, ipod and wait for it……

horses….yes my entire life is based around my horses and now I can’t do anything but feed them until my 67 is above an 80 and my 79 is above an 80….oh and the 67 is from science fair in case you were wondering…and my failing every anatomy test ever because it’s near impossible to remember 40 frikin muscles at one time.

yeah so i’m ticked and if I don’t text you, or answer a facebook message or something for a while, you know why.

Oh, and I HATE valentines. My old neighbor died on this “Lovely” day and it was the day before she turned 93.

So useless holiday needs to have an end. It shouldn’t be the only time of year where people tell those around them they love them. you should do that randomly for no reason what-so-ever.



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